“If I count the goodness of God,

they would be more than the grains of sand on the sea shore.”    Ps. 139:18


“Thanksgiving is nothing if not a glad and reverent lifting of the heart to God in honor and praise for His goodness.”

The 8th of December was an auspicious day for the province of Indore. A day of glee and celebration of God’s providential care and an expression of deep gratitude as our sisters, Sr. Lissy Kavalakattu, Sr. Beena Karottupalackal and Sr. Merline Elamplasseril, celebrated the Silver Jubilee of their Religious Commitment. It is a story richly textured with daring faith, generous love and unbounded hope, conquered by the evangelical charity of our Father Founder St. Antony Maria Gianelli. Behind this gentle and unassuming faces there lays a force to be reckoned with God’s strength. It is the richness of grace which God has showered upon our dear jubilarians.



The jingling of silver bells reminds that the journey of 25 years through zigzagging valleys and slippery rocks, jubilation and excitement, the expected and unexpected, the good and bad was offered to the loving care of one who called them. He adorned them with tremendous capacities and talents. We the sisters of Indore Province gathered together and lifted our hearts in thanking our silver stars for the marvelous and incredible works done in our Province, Congregation and in the Church. We made up the day more gorgeous by the Solemn Eucharistic celebration and by a colorful cultural program.





Heartiest Congratulations to you dear sisters on the Silver Jubilee of your ‘Yes’ to God and of God’s Grace and Faithfulness. You travelled distances, experienced diverse cultures and languages and lived your ‘Yes’ in a variety of roles that you accomplished with dedication and responsibility. God has done wonderfully well through you by the zeal of mission that you had and even today you continue to be the hands, feet and heart of Christ in the world.