Junior Sisters Annual Gathering and Renewal Program – Indore Province

It is God’s love that brought 22 junior sisters of Indore Province from different Communities, for the Juniorate course which was held at Sonkatch in Divya Sadan community from 27th December to 4th January. These eight days were for them indeed a spark of joy and happiness and a time of forming oneself for the mission of Christ. It was organized by Sr.Tessy .P and Sr.Smitha M. At the onset of the program Provincial Superior, Sr. Anjali karottupalackal wished and encouraged them, intimating on the importance of the juniorate gathering. They were nourished and enriched as they Journeyed with St. Paul and learning about his missionary methods.

“It was a time for us to question ourselves, “are we who received much of many precious things in life, willing to give back something of ourselves to the Lord?”. We have taken new ten commandments based on Pauline in our juniorate gathering in order to follow Christ more closely and to become like St. Paul who followed Christ more intimately.

Ten Pauline Commandments for Juniors

  1. Encounter God daily in holy Eucharist, Word of God and Personal Prayer.
  2. Strengthen, promote and Nurture our divine call daily with values of infinite love, grace, mercy, kindness and forgiveness.
  3. Be ready to face the challenges today, forgetting oneself for the love of the Gospel and Mission.
  4. Collaborate with others for the creative expansion of the mission and encourage them to be brave and compassionate.
  5. Be imitators of Christ by being committed in doing little things with great love.
  6. Respect other religions and Cultures with dignity and love.
  7. Be faithful and transparent to God and oneself.
  8. Be faithful to our Christo centric identity.
  9. Be a cheerful giver without counting the cost.
  10. Let us be all to all …being faithful daughters who set apart themselves for God’s Kingdom.